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始まりはあるTwin Fishとの出会い、それはAbstractのレジンワークで仕上げられていた。


単身渡豪して"Fling SoulのSam Yoon"に出会い、初めて前工程を自身で制作したサーフボードを『Magic!!』と称賛され

私もSam Yoonの作り出すサーフボードを体感し、彼のサーフスタイルに魅力を感じ、Sam Yoonに師事する。

同時に"Mo surfdesign"  "Surfers country 倉橋 潤氏"の元、glassing , resin color , abstract glassingを学ぶ

その後New Zealand Laglanに移り、Laglan LongboardsにてMickey氏の元でさらにボード制作を追求する。

大阪は枚岡神社のすぐ側にfactoryを構え全ての工程(shape , glassing ,sanding ,  resin color , fin work)を自身で行う制作は、





T-MEN Surfdesign

The beginning starts as an encounter with Twin Fish, It was finished up with Abstract resin work

I was fascinated by the board and my heart was taken (by it), and I couldn't suppress my passion to make the board.

 also experienced Sam Yoon's surfboard, and was fascinated by his surf style, and studied under him.

At the same time, I learned glassing, resin coloring, and abstract glassing under "Mo surf design" and "Surfers country Jun Kurahashi"

After that, I moved to Laglan, New Zealand and pursued board making under Mr. Mickey at Laglan Longboards.


We have a factory right next to Hiraoka Shrine in Osaka.

All of the processing is done by myself .(shaping, glassing, sanding, resin coloring, fin work)

I am intimately involved in every detailed process for making each individual surfboard.

The surfboards that I have made on my own have been modeled and tested with various types of waves repeatedly.

We would love to collaborate with you for your requested shaping board style.

If you wish, you can also create with our original template.

To meet your surf board and surfing dreams...We promise that you will have truly one of a kind surfboard.


T-MEN Surfdesign

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